Five Star Production was founded in 1973 and quickly rose to become one the most well-known and longest running film production and distribution company in Thailand. For the past four decades, Five Star Production has made over 260 films and worked with more than 100 directors, as well over 1,000 actors and actresses.

We have produced films that have been echoed in many aspects, such as, a movie series of “Boonchu” that Thai people have admired more than 20 years, and a movie series of “Art of the Devil” which becomes one of the scariest Thai film ever made.



              In 1976, Five Star Production have made a revolutionized for Thai film industry by being one of the first Thai studios to bring quality Thai films to international festivals. Five Star Production brought “Kun Suk” to international audiences,

and in 2001, “Tear of the Black Tiger” became the first Thai film to screen at Cannes Film Festival, in the Un Certain Regards. In 2002, Five Star Production brought Pen-EkRatanaruang’s “Monrak Transistor” to Cannes Directors Fortnight.


In 2009, Five Star Production has made another trip to Canned with director Pen-EkRatanaruang, and his movie “Nymph”, it was screened in the Un Certain Regard. The film was also invited to compete in over 100 festivals around the world. In the same year, the film “Slice” by director KongkiatKomesiri (Muay Thai Chaiya, Art of the Devil) made headlines when it was nominated in 14 out of 16 categories of the Subhanahongsa Awards, the equivalent of the Thai Oscars. It was also invited to major festivals around the world including Rotterdam, Hong Kong, Udine, and Sitges


In 2012, Five Star Production has launched a new era of the Thai Cinema with the country’s first 3D horror film, “Dark Flight”, directed by IssaraNadee, which was a hit in Thailand as well as in many other territories. Followed up the scary wave with an omnibus series of haunted hour “3AM Part1&2(3D)”, which became a big hits and brings us great success


For the past 7 years, Five Star Production is very prominent in making films that becomes very popular throughout Asia. Especially in 2018, Five Star started strongly with mega projects such“3 AM part3”,the sequal of 3AM after the huge success of 3AM Part 1 and Part 2, and “Bangkok Ghost Stories” a high quality 4K, horror SERIES that currently releasing throughout Asia with high TV ratings.

        Today, Five Star Production has become the largest Thai Movies content provider in the country. We have new Thai movies, Classic movies and Thai Series available worldwide. We have remastered over 200 films in our archive to HD and 4K quality and now available for all kind of medias and technologies from cinema to TVs to VOD platforms.