Five Star Production was founded in 1973. For 50 years, we have prided ourselves on being one of the oldest and most reputable Thai film studio and distribution company. Entering our half-a-century landmark, we continue to produce quality content, including Thai film and series, and steadily retain huge popularity and warm reception from our audiences around the world. So far Five Star Production has produced over 260 Thai films, including some global hits such as “Boonchu 1-10”, “6ixtynin9” , “Monrak Transistor”, “Muay Thai Chaiya”, “Art of the Devil 1-3” and “Pee Nak 1-3”, a comedy-horror franchise that remains a box-office champion since its first release in 2019.

Five Star also produced the hit horror series “3AM Bangkok Ghost Stories”, “Art of the Devil The Series” and “School Tales The Series”, an 8-episode show that was aired around the world in early 2022. Reaching into our rich catalogue, Five Star has recently issued a remastered version of several classic Thai films on HD and 4K, which have been released in several countries around the world.

Five Star Production never stops moving forward and continues to work hard to improve the quality of Thai content. Our goal is to keep producing hit Thai series and feature films for release in the years to come.