Art of the Devil Series ลองของซีรีส์

12  July  2020


 Art of The Devil Series  

12  July  2020


Synopsis :

The cheerleading team of a top university is mired in a scandal when one of its staff, Praewa, is accused of being the woman in a leaked sex clip that also involves the team’ s top male member. Praewa is attacked by a merciless curse that almost kills her. When she recovers and returns to the team, she wants justice. But there’s someone behind all the black magic killings that terrorize the team. The true face of the killer will be revealed in Art of the Devil Series.  



Puttipong Saisrikaew (3AM Bangkok Ghost Stories SERIES (Ep.Nurse) , 3AM Part2, Art of the Devil 1 & 3) 
Ticha Wongtipkanon (The Stranded(Netflix movie), App War), Witthawat Rattanaboonbaramee (PEE NAK1) ,Siwat Jumlongkul (The Stranded (Netflix movie) , Homestay)

RELEASE DATE : 12 July 2020
GENRE : Thriller  
Duration / Series (mins) : 8 Episodes // 45 min per Episode